• How to Get on Insurance Panels

    How do I get on insurance panels? This is definitely the million dollar question for healthcare providers of all types, from physicians and nurses to psychologists and counselors.

    How to Get on Insurance Panels

We Do Provider Enrollment for You.

Let Thriveworks take the hassle out of Getting On Insurance Panels!

Let us help you Get on Insurance Panels  

Today, it's more important than ever for medical professionals to get on insurance panels. We help with everything from the CAQH, CAQH Re-attestation, NPI, and Credentialing / Provider Enrollment.

Getting on Insurance Panels Can Help Your Practice Grow.

It’s no secret that Medical Credentialing wasn’t a task that you were looking forward to when you became a healthcare professional. If you’re like most in the field, your passion lies in helping your clients and patients.

Today, patients and clients aren’t sheepishly asking, “Do you accept my insurance?” They’re demanding it! Because of this, providers who don’t accept insurance often struggle to build full caseloads, while practices able to accept insurance are often very busy and full.

Challenges of the Credentialing Process.

Too many healthcare providers complete lengthy insurance applications, just to have those applications later lost or rejected by insurance companies. At Thriveworks, we know the challenges that can occur in the credentialing process (and how to overcome them), and our credentialing team works knowledgeably and quickly to make sure you get on the insurance panels that will help your practice grow.

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