Can an LMHC, LMFT, or LPC get on Medicare? – 2014 UPDATE!

There is big news this month for masters-level practitioners, counselors and marriage and family therapists alike as it applies to accepting Medicare clients in private practice!

The Seniors Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2011, which was recently submitted to Congress, advocates for the inclusion of professional counselors (LMHCs, LPCs, LCPCs) and marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) into the list of approved Medicare providers!

Hence, masters-level mental health providers may soon be able to be credentialed with Medicare and reimbursed at the same rate as LICSWs!

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  1. Tony Miller says

    I have been following the discussion around LPCC’s (Ohio) being credentialed by Medicare for well over 2 years. I have 20+ years as a therapist, have extensive skill and post graduate training and certifications. I am on numerous insurance panels and yet cannot be considered as a Medicare provider because my professional associations have had limited success in lobbying congress to have counselors considered a Medicare provider. Pure baloney. I challenge all counselors who read this to flood calls to their congress man to put us on panels. I have to turn away Medicare patients who want to access my services because Medicare will not credential me….horse hockey and all that…….the string of emails coming out of this been going on for 2 years…thanks for reading this and we as counselors need to stand up and be noticed and let Medicare and congress know who we are!

    • Tony Miller says

      I also understand that legislation has been pending for some time and that a real barrier to passing the legislation that would enable counselors to bill is the fact that our assoications likely lack the amount of necessary lobbying to affect that bill in getting passed. A real shame that it would come down to lobbying…so I have contacted the local ohio counseling association as well as American Counseling association to lobby them and press them to use the fees I pay them to represent our agenda…please do the same with your local association…I am getting off my butt and really concerned about us being unfairly blocked from what rightfully is a nobrainer to be able to bill! So I will do my part and put my effort forward…will you????

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